Bridez and Grooms

One of our very early projects, this is a small boutique space tucked in a small corner of the city. For this space, our idea was to embrace the essence of colors in the decor of the store in a way that it reflects the style of the Designer (the client) in terms of spaces and materials.Using the traditional Red, Black and golden shades of colors, the concept for this store was to create an illusion of fullness and richness in the space. The storage racks and a selection spaces are laid out in the plan in a way that it creates a free movement into the whole space. The walls are all painted in a rich red color while the ceiling is finished in black paint which dillutes into the space. Some of the clients vintage frames and art collection adds up beauty to the red walls.

  • Client: Mrs. Frenny Chauhan
  • Status: Completed 2018
  • Plot Area: 280 sq. ft.
  • Location : Alkapuri, Vadodara
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