HERTZ: Unit of Frequency…

A firm formed with the union of frequencies of four friends: Harshal, Ronak, Tushar and Zain , Hertz: Formally founded in 2017, the practice has since been intrinsically involved with design, detail, and execution, across multiple scales ranging from furniture and lighting to interiors, architecture and landscape.


Tracing back to its inception in 2009, the practice was at first, an informal setup formed by likeminded collaborators, who collectively believed in making a difference, however miniscule it may be. Pivotal to its objective, HeRTZ has now developed as an intimate practice, where the client and/or the end-user is always upheld hand in hand, at every stage.


Every project, is thus addressed as an exciting opportunity, with immense potential to develop an interim association between the client and the designers, where there is a discursive exchange of ideas, methods and intellectual wavelengths.


Approachability, being the gist of all such interactions, ensures that the entire experience of discovering and experimenting should be as pleasurable and resourceful for the client, as much as for the designer or the end-product itself.


HeRTZ identifies its strength in minimizing the inhibitions, which are otherwise commonly faced by most clients in the current market scenario. One size does not fit all. And as a response to this maxim, every undertaking project at HeRTZ is an outcome of a consciously layered network of sitespecific vectors. With uniquely customized solutions, bespoke designs are developed and refined, to accommodate maximum flexibility.

Finished projects

Ongoing projects


Our team

The Mastermind

A team Leader working both as a strategist and a core design member, bringing a perfect balance between design and logics. He achieves fineness in every brick he touches. !
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Harshal Patel

The Optimist

A pioneer of the foundation committee, Ronak resourcefully leads the bussiness strategies for the company. With his precise knowledge about the needs and trends of the market and his design tactics to solve them, he deals with every challenge that comes his way cheerfully with a smile. !
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Ronak Kambodia

The Multitasker

A gifted perceiver, Tushar keeps no stone unturned in his attempt to deliver a great finesse, while dealing with all genres of work and LIFE. !
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Tushar Mhaiskar

The Executionist

With his swift and spontaneous techniques of tackling things, Zain makes sure there is no delay in anything he opts for. Following a task oriented approach, he masters in executing all sorts of work at various stages of design. Loves to be called Jack of All trades.!
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Zain Nizami

Our story


The friendship

Began since the first year of the University days, the friendship among the four of us was a strong corresponding bond. From challenging each other’s thoughts and beliefs, to help each other figure out the best of them, we grew together in the sphere of design. From discussing each other’s stories to creating our story, the goal was set to persue our dreams together.


The Learning

After graduating in 2014, each of us chose to take design experience in their own areas of interest. Four of us worked on various scales of projects ranging from Architecture, Interiors and Landscape. While learning the practice of design, we began working on the very initial projects for the firm in a mixed collaborations among us. This was the time that we made mistakes, we explored and trained ourselves for the next move.


The inception

The year when we registered our practice as a design firm leading with all types of Architectural and interiors projects.


Hertz Architects

The establishment year of our studio space taking a leap into a core design practice. We welcomed our first batch of employees in the company this year.

What we do


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality

Interior Design

  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Workspaces
  • F&B
  • Products


  • Design concept
  • Landscape Presentation
  • Landscape Execution