Balhara Residence

A modern day Villa designed on simple and neat lines representing a minimal architectural language. The entry to the house is through a protruding out central entrance porch which leads into a broad passage into the house. The passage clearly divides the private and public zones in the house. Accomodating the elaborate user requirements, all the bedrooms are placed on the west side, while the east side consits of living room, dining space, kitchen and a courtyard. A double height dining space is placed right in the center of the house plan, extends the house vertically. The living space opens up to a courtyard on one side and a deck towards the garden side, making this a perfect space for a large gathering. The pooja room is placed in the north east corner of the house, surrounded by a water body. Each space on the ground floor extends out into the outdoors, with a deck seating, and connected to nature through a continous plantation of trees around the house. The first floor has 2 bedrooms and family area which becomes as a refreshmant area that includes a bar. The front facing terrace is an apt venue for small gatherings or a relaxing along the north side with a view of the front garden.

  • Client: Mr. Kuldeep Mann
  • Status: Ongoing 2021
  • Plot Area: 13800 sq. ft.
  • Location: Delhi, India
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