Moin Residence

The Moin Residence is a weekend house to a family used as peaceful retreat place and for family gatherings. A captivating front extended courtyard space covered with reen spaces around it, becomes an exclusive retreat space. The indoor spaces are kept compact, being it a weekend house while the living room opens up for a large gathering. A side courtyard is placed in such a way that it connects the house with the neighbours, who are his family itself. The idea of keeping the front elevation solid with lesser openings was for maintaining the privacy of the private spaces while the Master bedroom extends out into a private terrace that brings in the morning sunlight into the room. The idea of using stone walls in the front elevation was to add a featuring element to the blank solid mass of the buildling.

  • Client: Mr. Moinuddin Patel
  • Status: Completed 2020
  • Plot Area: 2680 sq. ft.
  • Location: Vidhyanagar, Gujarat
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